Literature In Los Angeles


δ NORMA JEANE by Kiana Madani.

δ HOLLYWOODLAND by Kiana Madani.


δ THREE POEMS by S.A. Gerber.

δ MOVING FORWARD by Changming Yuan.

δ WALK OF FAME by Jared Fortunato.

δ FROM A DANCER by Liliana Isella.

δ GREYDON by Liliana Isella.

δ ELISA by Liliana Isella.

δ LILLY by Liliana Isella.

 δ ONE BY ONE by Liliana Isella.

δ THE MERMAID by Leah C. Stetson.

 δ JEFF by Liliana Isella.

 δ US by Anne Sexton.

δ LOS ANGELES by Liliana Isella.

δ MASSIMO by Liliana Isella  (Italian language).

δ PAPÁ by Liliana Isella  (Italian language).

δ NICOLA by Liliana Isella  (Italian language).

δ VINCE  by Liliana Isella (Italian language).

 δ ANTHONY by Liliana Isella (Italian language).

 δ AMSTERDAM by Liliana Isella (Italian language).

δ ANDREA by Liliana Isella (Italian language). 

 δ MALIBU  by Liliana Isella (Italian language).

 δ LINDSEY by Liliana Isella  (Italian language).

 δ VIOLETA by Liliana Isella (Italian language).

δ ALEPPO by Maurizio Pedrini (Italian language).

δ JUAN by Liliana Isella (Italian language).

δ TONY K. by Liliana Isella (Italian language).

δ MARIA by Liliana Isella (Italian language).

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