Literature In Los Angeles


Interviews and Reviews

δ LOVE LETTERS ~ Interview with Liliana Isella, author of the novel Love Letters, by Kiana Madani.

δ ACTRESS ~ Liliana Isella about playing Cinderella’s Stepmother in Chris Berube’s Hollywood play “Happily Whatever After”.

δ LIVE THROUGH THIS ~ Interview with photographer Tony Fouhse by Liliana Isella.

δ MARY GARRET ~ Interview with La Scala Theatre ballerina Mariafrancesca Garritano by Liliana Isella.

δ THE BALLERINA INTERVIEWS ~ A documentary by Sven Toorvald.

δ EXTREME ~ Boston Band Extreme by Liliana Isella.

δ STEEL PANTHER ~ Hollywood Metal Band Steel Panther by Liliana Isella.

δ LEALANI ~ Interview with LA Artist Lealani Ranch by Liliana Isella.

δ SHANNON ~ Hollywood Painter Shannon Crawford by Liliana Isella.

δ BALLERINA ~ Interview with photographer Dane Shitagi on his Ballerina Project by Liliana Isella.

δ BENEDICTE SCHOYEN ~ Interview on The Music Box, A Dance Movie for Kids by Liliana Isella.

δ NIC KELMAN ~ Interview on Writing and Photography by Liliana Isella.

δ IMPERIAL BEDROOMS ~ The new book of Bret Easton Ellis by Liliana Isella.

δ CRISTINA ~ Interview with Cristina Vericella on Painting in Beverly Hills by Liliana Isella.


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