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In POETRY on January 17, 2015 at 5:17 pm

Poesia di Liliana Isella.


entrare nei tuoi occhi
correre tra i tuoi pensieri
scivolare sulla tua voce

perdermi fra i tuoi respiri
inginocchiarmi fra le tue mani
baciare il tuo sapore

afferrassi le mie corde
spalancassi le mie porte
piegassi le mie ultime forze

nascondermi nel tuo nome
rifugiarmi fra le tue parole
sciogliermi nel tuo dolore.

Posia di Liliana Isella.


In POETRY on January 11, 2015 at 2:22 pm

Poem by Jonathan Doughty.


Actors are best at smoke and mirrors
So habits daylong but hidden confess
Talent’s torsion
Injecting that experience released in memory —
Likely along other tracks?
A mind expansive
And forward-thinking
Seeks a safe body

Salt earned and shed in a ring or cage, or
Back at bars on breaks from a stage
A life of liver shots, both

Dangerous recreation under blowing snow, both
While she climbed Everest then froze happy
He sniffled and smiled after-hours in Toronto

Honesty calls
All life
Successful risk
In a curved universe,
Running as fast as possible
Finds yourself slowly back where you began

Stop ahead

Poem by Jonathan Doughty.

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