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In LITERARY FICTION on November 17, 2020 at 2:35 pm

Interview by Kiana Madani.

Actress, writer and activist Kiana Madani interviews Liliana Maria Isella, author of the 2020 novel Love Letters, available on Amazon.

Love Letters is a deliciously haunting Hollywood tale of love, fame and fortune unfolding through the amusing, disturbing, rock ’n’ roll letters that Virginia, an American girl in her early twenties, sends to a movie star with whom she is obsessed. Each letter gradually discloses both Virginia’s suffocating and horrifying childhood and her craving for fairytales present in Los Angeles that will deliver its first disillusionment right through that not-so-much next-door-sweetheart John movie star with whom she has entrusted all of her dreams of love.

In a fearless resilience to trade a past of damnation with a future of shiny headlines, Virginia’s intense encounters and unpredictable twists will dance her from a squalor of junkies, drug dealers, and young prostitutes to a deluxe suite at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel first and, eventually, to an unprecedented world of superstardom. Amongst her journey’s lucky charms, remarkable will be the characters of The Lady in Gucci, a self-centered Italian supermodel on the constant verge of a nervous breakdown and her best friend Susy, an overly romantic, at times delusional and talented-at-heart novelist that Hollywood is now trying to turn into an unremarkable screenwriter.

Love Letters is an unique and original look into the dark side of family, our addiction to the media, Hollywood’s boulevards of broken dreams and the pre-set formula of happiness that upheaves from their ashes. Of that Hollywood, our protagonist Virginia is a sacrificial victim at first but only to turn, by the end, into the very essence of its success: unpredictable are the ways to achieve it and bizarre the penchants destiny awards it through.

Interview by Kiana Madani.



In HOLLYWOOD, POETRY on October 12, 2020 at 3:01 pm

Poem by Kiana Madani.

I have done something

To make you despise me,

I am both at your mercy and at your discretion,

A template for the life you have not lived.

All I ever wanted was to have your hearts,

And to share mine with you,

In the end – it’s all we ever have.

To have these desires,

Is it’s own form of cruel punishment

When the people you love,

Often don’t love you back

Poem by Kiana Madani.

Photo by Kelly Klein.



In POETRY on September 6, 2020 at 2:14 pm

Poem by Liliana Maria Isella.


Ritrovarti dentro ai jeans
Di questa notte senza pace
Quella dei tuoi occhi

Ritrovarti dentro un sogno
Tu che realtá sei stato
Di tutto, tutti e mai dimenticata

E dirtelo
Che oggi la conosco
Questa nostra malattia

Scappiamo, Amore
Conosco anche la salvezza
Ma non so dove trovarla

Nel fragile risvolto di un colletto

E di nuovo non sei piú tu
In questo viale senza fondo

Nel punto dove abbiamo cominciato
Riconosco la tua mano
O chissá dove

É tua la colpa
O forse mia
Di questa vita
Che non cambia
Ma rende me irriconoscibile

Questa vita
Che non sostiene le mie mani
Non sorregge la mia voce
Non fa correre i miei passi

E nell’affanno ti riconosco
Sul tuo treno
Per dove non lo so
Non l’ho saputo mai

E mi volto
A guardare quello che di te rimane
Sul mio volto sfatto
I miei capelli a terra
La mia vita esanime

E mi rialzo
Fra le braccia di nessuno
A passi scalzi
Su un asfalto incostante
Per una supplica del mio cuore

Che ancora
In caduta o risalita
Riconoscerá il tuo nome


Poem by Liliana Maria Isella.

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