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In INTER-REVIEWS on June 15, 2010 at 2:22 pm

Interview with Los Angeles artist Cristina Vericella.  

Adrift by Cristina Vericella

LILA: Beverly Hills is the place you grew up. Though, your paintings feature feminine characters submerged in a very deep, emotional and dreamy world. Not very Beverly Hills, I would say….    

CRISTINA: Beverly Hills has always been home to me. My parents created a world within a world for my siblings and I. Italy also holds a very special sense of home for me as well. I really feel that these two places: Italy and Beverly Hills, creates a strong foundation for my work and inspiration.    

Julia's Dream by Cristina Vericella

LILA: You’re an extremely young painter. You just finished your third year at college but you already produced a lot of work….    

CRISTINA: My parents and my family have always supported me with pursuing art. My first art show was at 18 and I think that after that I really wanted to continue with my dream.    

Rebecca's Dream by Cristina Vericella

LILA: Someone’s home you’d like to see your art in….    

CRISTINA: I would love to see my art in another artist’s home. That would really be wonderful.    

Red Night by Cristina Vericella

LILA: Some other place you’d like to call home….    

CRISTINA: Italy!    

Poppy by Cristina Vericella

 Interview by Liliana Isella.

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