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In POETRY on January 11, 2015 at 2:22 pm

Poem by Jonathan Doughty.


Actors are best at smoke and mirrors
So habits daylong but hidden confess
Talent’s torsion
Injecting that experience released in memory —
Likely along other tracks?
A mind expansive
And forward-thinking
Seeks a safe body

Salt earned and shed in a ring or cage, or
Back at bars on breaks from a stage
A life of liver shots, both

Dangerous recreation under blowing snow, both
While she climbed Everest then froze happy
He sniffled and smiled after-hours in Toronto

Honesty calls
All life
Successful risk
In a curved universe,
Running as fast as possible
Finds yourself slowly back where you began

Stop ahead

Poem by Jonathan Doughty.

  1. Great title and outstanding poetry. Thank you.

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