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Natja Brunckhorst

God, take my will and my life.
Guide me in my recovery.
Show me how to live.
3rd Step Prayer

From Miss Junk’s fb chat:

♠: Hello beautiful, how r u?

: Hello doll… how are you?

♠: I’m ok… u?

: Kind of….

♠: …so, Rich Rod wanna fuck you, huh?

: I… don’t know….

♠: He DOES.

: He only asked for my phone number….

♠: I know he wants to fuck you.

: he just texted me last wed to ask if I was the one who told him of a video where there’s nothing but someone walking.

♠: what an excuse.

: no. it’s not. friday at dinner after the meeting I told him about Wrong, the new Depeche Mode video… it’s amazing. He remembered that and thought the other video was my suggestion as well, I guess….

♠: men in DAA are horny bastards.

: …?!?…

♠: You’re a hottie. Everybody in DAA wants to fuck you.

: …are u sure he wants to fuck me?

♠: he said so. when you left dinner he said in front of everybody “I know you all saw me asking the number to a newcomer and that’s TOTALLY NOT OK BUT she is so smart and funny….”

: …well, he is not my type and I have someone else in mind anyways….

♠: do you like someone in Drug Addicts Anonymous?

: kind of :)….

♠: who?

: The Prophet….

♠: oh, the prophet would definitely fuck you.

: really?!?

♠: yes

: how do you know that?!?

♠: we are good friends.

: …oh, so he told you he likes me :)?!?

♠: No. but I won’t tell him. don’t worry.

: …I’m not worried… just curious… how do you know he likes me :), then?

♠: I know ‘cause he tried to fuck me too.

: …

♠: for two years.

: …

♠: …but I have a little obsession on The Tortured Brain instead.

: …and… he wants to fuck you too….

♠: no. we are friends.

: well, you were friend with the prophet too and….

♠: The Tortured Brain is different. he’s so intellectual. so machiavellian.

he just went through a tough break up.

: so, maybe he’ll try to fuck you soon, right?

♠: hey, they are not all like that. he’s not. we used to chat a lot and then I gave him my number and he backed off.

: good for you. you picked a good one.

♠: The Prophet is good too.

: well, it’s hard to believe so, after what you told me….

♠: hey, he stopped asking me to fuck.

     he’s good now.

: …did you tell your sponsor about the prophet?

♠: no way! they are good friends. they’ve been in DAA together for like 15 years or so.

they got clean at the same time I think.

: I cannot believe your sponsor has 15 years under her belt… she’s always crying over the smallest shit… what a drama acidhead… is she any good?

♠: at fucking for sure.

: ….excuse me?!?

♠: she shares about it at meetings sometimes. she slept with a lot of fellows in DAA before marrying The Emperor.

she says she had to fuck no matter what. it was kind of compulsive, you know….

We’re addicts. that’s it. that’s all.

: you’re not even 19 yet – the prophet tried to fuck you when? when you were 17?

♠: 17 and loaded.

: did he know that you were still using?

♠: yup

: …and, what did he say?

♠: he said being loaded was ok.
  as long as we could have sex.

Story by Liliana Isella.

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